Performance Studies Analysis

This can be explained in more detail by analyzing the art of performance that exists in the everyday lives of human beings. This ideology can be related to the philosophy of performance that many philosophers have come up to. Ordering a sandwich and conducting a survey, both of the examples can be included in performance as it involves some sort of human performance. Such actions do include some human communication that exists between one another. Any performance that has the feel of human connection can be regarded as performance. This application of performance is universal and it does not need any sort of conditions (Quevauviller, 1998, p.72).It is a natural philosophy that says that performance exists in the everyday life of humans. When any human being performs any action that tends to transmit its results to another human being, performance can be said to take place. The performing does not only refer to the performance of ‘arts’, as the philosophers believe that the human experiences in life extend to something beyond just ‘arts’. Hence, it can also be said that all human beings are actors who perform in their lives as all of them ‘act’.Performance can also be termed as an act of the body that has a meaning. It is the representation of the human acts that give meanings to other humans. It is a sort of communication in which humans interact with each other by performing some actions that give the meaning of what they want to deliver. It highlights the interaction of the human being with the environment that he lives in through his actions. Humans in a social bond perform in order to stay involved in the environment.Under this definition comes the performance study which is related to the human communication and interaction within the environment. The performance study can be analyzed and used in practice under the philosophy.