Personal and professional development for business

As I reflect about my school life and attempt to gain success in professional field, I have understood the massive influence of my education on my present learning. I have historically infused education as a vital part and am currently improving myself through the way of higher education and training. These past experiences and present education will lead me to the outset of developing my personal career interests i.e. to become a gym instructor and to attain a commendable position in Tesco Plc. I desire to proposer my career in the field of fitness industry and retail segment and thus, there is a need for personal and professional development. Through personal and professional development plan, I can utilise my strengths and reduce my weaknesses for gaining better prospect of success in my career. Education and Training From the schooling days, I was quite obsessive regarding the selection of my profession which can provide me better enjoyment and where I can render my complete effort. Since I want to become a gym instructor, I have taken training on body building and exercising. I am quite good in workout and also have good physique which is an essential component of a gym instructor. I have also taken education on the subject of physical fitness. On the other hand, I have also the desire to perform as a top-level employee in Tesco. Due to this reason, I have also attempted to gain educational knowledge on business. Presently, I am pursuing BA Honours with specialisation in marketing. Since marketing is one of the vital activities of Tesco, this course will be helpful for me to obtain better understanding about different aspects of Tesco’s operations. I have a strong desire for utilising my learnings from present education in my future professional life. Key Lessons Learned from Education and Training In the past two years, I have acquired enormous knowledge about the basics of body building along with maintaining a good health. Through my training on physical fitness, I have learnt the ideas and principles which are associated with the development and application of individual physical activity plan. I have also gained an understanding about planning, applying, assessing and reviewing routine activities which contribute to health based fitness elements (Education and Advanced Learning, 2013). During by bachelor education, I also have acquired good communication skill which is regarded as vital trait for a gym trainer. This ability will allow me to deal with my clients effectively and to understand their interests and issues. Furthermore, in my educational career, I have also acquired the quality of inspiring other individuals. I have proper skill to guide people for accomplishing specific activities. In past two years while performing as a leader in my educational career, my performance was quite commendable as I have effectively motivated entire team towards accomplishing high performance. This ability would be helpful for me in order to become a fitness trainer and can also enhance my employability (Lendrum, 2014). Throughout my specialisation in marketing, I have understood the basic ideologies of business, management and marketing. This course has close relationship with the career I pursue, i.e. to reach in a top-level position in Tesco. I was also educated about the problems and challenges of the business world and the methods to deal with them (Narver Slater,