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Ethics"There is a great deal of growth in the market for consulting services, especially in the current unstable global economy that has many businesses seeking outsourced business support to save on costs. This provides an excellent opportunity to launch a consulting company that offers auditing services and generic management assistance. This service-based business can be set-up with an online presence, since there is much global growth in the use of commercial and personal Internet use. There are literally billions of global citizens and professionals with access to the Web, leading to growth in international networks that allow for better business promotion (Aziz &amp. Yasin, 2004). A consulting service business can take advantage of these trends to create a competitive business with a great deal of market presence.
This consulting business would be service-oriented, providing online support as well as face-to-face business services with a wide range of support options. It can rely on personal engineering skills to help streamline production or operational aspects of the business or use internal talent (recruited through interviewing) to delegate support such as auditing or management planning and strategy.
A consulting business of this nature would require recruitment of professionals with expertise in areas of auditing and management coordination, requiring the business owner to have skills in human resources. Once the employees needed to support the new consulting business have been recruited, knowledge in how to conduct training would be essential. It is important to be concerned about issues of employee turnover, as a means of cost-savings, and also to provide a rewarding organisational environment that makes employees want to remain with the company. “Training that offers employees benefits which are perceived as non-transferable to another organisation make it