Personal Development and Ethics

For example, a kid never knows that fire is dangerous before he comes in contact with it. Otherwise, the parents need to teach him that fire is dangerous. In any case, he learned about the burning potential of fire, either from his personal experience or from the lesson taught to him by somebody else. On the other hand, it is difficult to make a person optimistic or pessimistic with the help of artificial methods. Most such traits came from heredity. Morality, aggression, domination, and optimism are also examples of traits normally acquired from parents. Development of a person, as mentioned above is controlled by many parameters. It is not possible for a person to develop in his life or achieve his targets or career goals without proper planning. Planning is the essential requirement for the success of every human action.‘Man is a social animal’ which does not mean that he can live like animals. Intelligence or wisdom separates man from animal. Because of the above difference between animals, man has formulated certain legal and moral laws for the making his life more enjoyable and peaceful on earth. Every manly action needs to be legal and ethical in order to make it meaningful and personal development is also not an exception. This paper is written as a personal development plan which describes the importance of proper planning, self-evaluation, identification of opportunities, ethical values etc.The aim of education is to cultivate personality integration and creative intelligence (Aim of education). The personality of a person can be developed only through the acquisition of knowledge. Knowledge can make a person more intelligent. Intelligence can be acquired through education.Currently, I am studying at Newport University for the Graduate course in Communication Engineering. Communication is the much-needed requirement for any profession.