Personal Learning Style

I have a tendency of going beyond my scope of the duty to impress those around me. Social learning style is my primary strength. I prefer operating in groups than alone because I am talkative. Getting instructions and working hands-on suits make me better because that way, I can see what I am required to do. The other learning style that favours me is Auditory. I love listening to music, while tapping on things while listening to my music, humming and dancing short of conscience. My other favourite learning style is verbal because I believe I talk a lot in some instances. I appreciate communicating with people I come in contact with. It is quite difficult for me to stay around people without having to say anything. I understand visual and physical learning style because I tend to remember things and events more quickly after an observation. Research indicates that learning methods vary from one student to another, and, for this reason, it is a universal recommendation the teachers should learn and appreciate of their student’s learning styles.I always understand sitting in front of the classroom in order to get an eye to eye contact with the lecturer. that way I can quickly learn much about the teacher as much as he/she can learn about me. Nothing eludes me in terms of the content the lecturer passes on. The physical learning method is another one of my favourite learning styles. I engage mostly in sporting activities, especially the sports that involve many people. The types of games that I engage in are those that require teamwork. I prefer conducting solitary learning to a certain extent. However, I have never been in a lonely situation because I come from a family of many. Everybody needs some space to unwind and recover, and I do that once in a while although it quickly gets annoying. Everybody has a weakness. my weakness is with mathematics. Where a situation arises that I have to deal with numbers, I will gladly hand it over. However, I am an expert in putting things in their perspective.