Personal Narrative Speech

Personal Narrative Speech General Purpose: To talk about my life from childhood I. Introduction A. They say that experience is the best teacher, an implication that what we learn from life strengthens us more.
B. I am sure all of us have gone through one or more life experiences, and I can bet we have all learned in our own ways.
C. It is important to appreciate life and what one has as some people do not have the privilege to enjoy what you may have.
D. I am a Taiwanese girl living in America. I have had the privilege to visit and help poor people who lack necessities, which have made me to learn how to appreciate the small things in life.
II. Body
A. My life
1. I am a Taiwanese girl, who grew up in a happy family.
2. My desire to experience American culture made me move to America.
3. I would like to improve my English ability and adapt myself to living in America as I prepare for my college.
B. My academics and co-curricular activities
1. I am a diligent student, and I always finish my work on time.
2. I am passionate about photography and travelling that I do during my leisure time. Travelling helps me to learn about different histories and cultures, which cannot be found in textbooks. I also get to experience local living styles and explore the different environment in the world.
3. I have been providing community services since my high school days. I volunteered at Cambodia for a week during the spring break, where we got the chance to help people in Cambodia.
C. Experiences, teachings and Learnings
1. My stay in Cambodia, as I volunteered, has helped me treasure life more. The fact that the people of Cambodia do not have shelters made me start worrying about economic situations.
2. The fact that those people lacked even necessities like food and shelter made me change the way I perceived life- having been raised in a well-off family, I never got to experience such hardships until I went to Cambodia.
3. We also taught the Cambodians on agriculture and basic hygiene. Apart from helping them with necessities, there was the need to equip them with knowledge and skills for them to acquire the ability to support themselves. The teachings we gave them were aimed at enhancing their independence, which would then help them in solving their problems.
D. It was my first time to be an interpreter and a teacher
1. I was an interpreter as well as a teacher, and this was as a result of high English ability.
2. I taught them on how to speak simple English.
III. Conclusion
A. Summary
1. I have learned a lot from my experience in Cambodia- what could not be achieved at school.
2. I have learned on how to appreciate the small things in life as some people do not have them.
3. I would like to devote my life and time helping people in need after joining college. I will make use of the experiences from Cambodia as well as the professional knowledge and skills learned at school to help more people.
4. I will share my personal experience with people around me, so that they can join me and make the world a better place together.
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