Personal statement for desire to become family nurse practitioner

Personal ment for desire to become family nurse practitioner: It would not be a hyperbolic ment if I start by saying that I have always had to cope with tremendous academic pressures in my life considering the fact that I am originally from Mexico and transferred to Brownsville, Texas at 10 years of age. It was then that I basically started investing real effort and time into acquiring a smart grasp on the English language because this is the main gate for any foreigner to gain recognition and success in any academic field. I always cherished a big spot in my heart for all professions associated with the science field. The subject of patient care in particular always had my attention. This common pattern of eyeing the occupation of professional nursing as closely associated with quality patient care managed to inculcate some raw passion for nursing inside my mind early on. Though, I must confess that I did not quite manage to score good grades in college at my first attempt as the fact of being away from a close knit family for the first time coupled with my being an only child unfortunately inflicted a not so healthy influence on me in terms of security and persistence. This is the primary reason why I waited for some years after my first attempt to assure myself that the medical field would be the right choice for me in the long run. My professional nursing experience could be considered a modest but living proof of my relentless determination, perseverance, and procrastination which are all essential to the profession of nursing.
My work experience as LVN lasted for 3 years and as RN for 3 years also. During that period I not only developed a close familiarity with the job criteria of a professional nurse but also directly addressed a huge assortment of multiple kinds of intricate and arduous tasks as a hands-on nurse. It would not be wrong to claim that I feel like I am cut out to be a sound medical nurse as nothing makes me happier than seeing people in pain getting better. It is a fact that MDs rarely have sufficient time to educate patients adequately on preventive health and disease process which is why as a responsible nurse, I find it my supreme obligation to not only nurse people but also raise awareness among them regarding anti-illness measures. I rigorously wish to pursue my degree in family nurse practitioner because I believe this would effectively reduce the distances between me and the sole objective of my life which is to readily provide competent and high-quality patient care in order to ensure general wellbeing of the public. I can only say that this raw passion instilled in my heart for the medical field in my early years only grew up to become more refined and sophisticated with passing time. I have always inordinately valued the knowledge of nursing which indisputably worked to fixate my attention on the medical field in the long run. But, the field of medical sciences and nursing is highly dynamic and a life-long learning process which is why I believe that the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree can effectively train me to address myriad forthcoming career challenges.