Personal Trainer’s Talents

Personal training has different disciplines. Examples are. baby massage instructor, meditation, circuit training, rugby coach and many others. These disciplines of choice require different training facilities. The job outlook of a personal trainer has to it that there is a high probability that job opportunities will be quite conducive as from now to the coming years. Many people have decided to live healthier lifestyles due to different kinds of health problems. Hence, the need for personal trainers has become so adequate in many people’s lives. There has been a noted reduction of school physical education programs hence, personal trainers are needed to keep the physic of the children conditioned and make them live healthy lives. The salary of a personal trainer roughly ranges from a low of $26,000 to a high of $50,000 annually. This is not fixed as some personal trainers earn more. One’s level of education is also related to one’s pay. For example, a diploma holder will earn less compared to a degree holder. The place where one works will also affect one’s salary. Franchise health clubs and universities offer the lowest pay estimated at $13 per hour which will rate about $26,000 annually, federal and state government $20 per hour which amounts to $40,000 annually. This includes working in prisons and parks. Private companies offer $25 per hour, which totals up to an estimated $50,000 annually. Lastly, private trainers happen to receive the highest pay of an estimated $50 per hour. This is achieved through working hard enough to get one’s own client list. The skills needed for one to be a personal trainer include a good level of physical fitness, an outgoing personality, a good background in fitness activities and good communication skills. In terms of educational requirements, most employers prefer one who is a holder of a bachelor’s degree or certified. One is advised to register in a package that contains coursework in different areas, which are sports nutrition, first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), athletic performance and client fitness assessment. It is important for one to be certified after having completed the training program.