Persuasive Writing Folio

It informs the public that beyond the glitz and glamour and the violence that is often rampant in the cities, the rural towns also provide interest stories that are light, often heartwarming, and most important newsworthy. I am from the town of Bilby and I hope there are more features to let people know of our hospitable town. It is a small place that not many know for it sits east of the mountains off the main road. It started as a gold mining community but as the precious metal petered out it had remained an agricultural community. It is composed of immigrants who have come from different backgrounds including some English, Scots, Irish, Chinese, and some Italian after World War II.The closest shopping district is Bendelong which is about 30 minutes where townsfolk go for other purchases. The people have renewed interest in reforestation to maintain the lush environment which comprised of the Valley River which can be seen from the plateau and the Hundred Nugget Creek which is the boundary of the town. During the heydays of its mining industry, the town was flourishing with different enterprises that people have come to love which included three pubs which have ignited the people’s love for sports such as cricket, football, and many others.The ’90s brought about a massive change in the town. In 1998 Valerie Geraint, a colleague from a TV station of Myfanwy Fallen by who had been a local since she moved to Sydney, visited the town of Bilby and decided to make it the location for the new show ‘City Stress, Country Pleasures. This reinvigorated the town as people came in to see the town as others decided to settle in seeing it as a haven for a new lifestyle. But problems ensued as the sudden rise in a population divided the town among opposing ideas. The need for key services such as a hospital and ancillary facilities was contested for it will have to demolish the graveyard site. This has been the dilemma of the town which keeps it from moving forward.