Pharmaceutical Industry New Drug Discovery Research Unit Antibacterial Drug Research

Antibacterial drugs have been the most effective of all medicines. Their success is reflected by their continued use and the decrease in morbidity and mortality from bacterial infections over the past 50 years. In recent years, however, the increase in the number of multidrug- resistant bacteria has led to the prediction that we are reentering the pre-antibiotic era. Even commonly occurring bacteria have been transformed into invasive and toxin-producing pathogens. New antibacterial drugs are needed to fulfill this unmet medical need.
The exit of major pharmaceutical companies has created an opportunity for smaller companies to enter the antibacterial field, attracted by the lower development costs and by the concentrated prescribing of antibiotics directed at hospital infections.
With smaller companies coming up with drug discovery units, demand of antibacterial drug discovery scientists is also increasing

Skills and knowledge required to work as a Discovery working group (DWG) leader in anti bacterial drug research
The DWG leader must understand following criteria of scientific projects as suggested by NIH for discovery and development of some drugs:
Significance: The DWG leader should find out whether the new drugs of particular class are needed for fulfilling the unmet medical need. He/she should understand how scientific knowledge or clinical practice will be advanced by using this new advanced drug.