Pharmacy Degree Program

Pharmacy Degree Program
Being a female at 22 and going for a Pharmacy degree program, I aspire to reach the top through sheer hard work and determination. My life has been a shade of hardship and in these adverse conditions I have been able to pull myself back towards education in a pretty settled and easy going manner.
My personal life has been a nightmare for me in the recent past when I recollect the feelings related with my seizures which took some time to get over with. Thus I have seen the ups and downs in my life all throughout and I comprehend that I am at a resolute stance that my education will further straighten up my life and make me a valuable person for the society, my family and more than anything else – my own self. Going a bit deep in my personal life, I have always enjoyed playing the piano as I relate life with a sense of good music and traveling has been one of the pastimes that I can fondly mention here. I also love to row at times, which gives me immense pleasure in times of difficulty.
My educational career has been full of high and low points. As mentioned before, my seizures gave me a hard time and I did my best to get over with the same in the shortest possible time. However it meant around 4 different tries before I in essence got the most suitable pill which could relieve me of the problems that I had. However I remained a consistent performer at school as I successfully completed my pre-pharmacy curriculum as well as maintained a high GPA.
I am looking forward to becoming a pharmacist and a degree in the related field would put me in a right position for the things to shape up for myself in the coming times. I would request the authorities at the helm to provide me the much needed opportunity so that I could deliver towards the society what I will learn through this degree program. But before moving any further, I would once again ask the university authorities to consider me as a suitable candidate for the pharmacy program because deep down inside in me, I know I can make it – only if an opportunity is provided and for that I believe the time is now.
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