Phenomenal Woman a Journey Through Time

The term paper "Phenomenal Woman: a Journey Through Time" analyzes the poems’ themes from the anthology of poems by Maya Angelou’s “Phenomenal Woman” published in the year 1995, which reflect Angelou’s life.
One can find a strong feministic metaphysics, as central to the theme of the poems contained within the book. Yet, there are lots more to explore in the book, which surpasses the mundane periphery of body and race under the shadow of black sisterhood and transports the book into a paradigm that is relevant irrespective of nationality, color, language and gender. It is here that the exploration through the pages of the “Phenomenal Woman” gives a thought process, integral to the philosophy of self-actualization and loving and celebration the self.
The poems present within “Phenomenal Woman” seem universal. The poems are universal and so subtly presented that their theme seems surpassing time, space, culture and place. An in-depth analysis of the poems shall launch the inquisitive mind into a plethora of personal elements covertly presented within. The collection or anthology comprises the poems “Phenomenal Woman”, “Still I Rise”, “Weekend Glory” and “Our Grandmothers”. All these poems, after the first reading, decipher a feeling of universal womanhood. but at the heart of the poems, one can find a fine strong hint of Angelou’s life, which gets conveyed to the readers once they go through the biography of the author.