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. Monochromatic light from a point source is directed toward the sharp edge of a solid object. (I point)
How does diffraction change the image that appears on a screen beyond the object? OThe shadow forms with much sharper edges than would form otherwise. OLight that passes close to the edge of the object is absorbed, making the image darker.
0 Some light appears in the region where the object’s shadow would form otherwise.
OThe shadow that forms becomes longer than the length of the object. _ Parallel rays of light of wavelength 633 nm pass through a slit of width 0.586 mm. A (I point)
diffraction pattern forms on a screen that is 1.25 m away from the slit. What is the distance
from the central maximum to the first minimum of the pattern? 01.08mm
02.97mm . Light from a point source passes through a single slit and forms a diffraction pattern on a (I point) screen. What condition must be true for the diffraction angle 9 to equal fl 7
OThe wavelength A of the light must be much smaller than the slit width a.
OThe vertical distance of the mth dark band from the center of the pattern is equal to the slit width a.
OThe slit width a is at least half the wavelength A of the light.
OThe diffraction angle 6 must be large relative to the original direction of the light. . Light of wavelength 1 and frequency f passes through a single slit of width 0. A diffraction (1 point)
pattern is observed on a screen at a distance x from the slit. Which change will decrease the
width of the central maximum? ODecrease the wavelength of the light.
ODecrease the frequency of the light.
ODecrease the width of the slit. Science