Picasso and the Camera Exhibition



The essay "Picasso and the Camera Exhibition" explores the exhibition called "Picasso and the Camera". Gagosian gallery provides a one of a kind experience. Art can be expressed in many forms including paints and sculptures. The uniqueness of Picasso in utilizing the camera to express art in completely new dimensions has made his collection one of a kind at the Gagosian collection. The message and inspirations remain the same but the nature of execution remains unique. The collections will be the center of discussion through the paper and focus will be on how it transformed the manner in which individuals interpret art. The collection provides an aspect of cultural coexistence. The exhibition accounts various aspects of culture both locally and internationally. The aim of the exhibition was to provide a picture of the earth from various angles. Culture is an essential component in art and various forms of entertainment. When one focused on the ‘Picasso and the Camera’ exhibition the unique aspect is that the photographer focused more on the cultures that are perceived new to his immediate surroundings. Promotion of cultures is what art is all about, nature shapes individuals but culture absorbs and nurture people to attain certain goals and societal expectations. ‘Picasso and the Camera’ exhibition is an example of what culture may provide. The artwork has provided room for many individual from different parts of the world to assemble and share the multicultural exhibitions experience.