Pkease revise the document attached based on feedback from professor will attach template

No matter what students get for a grade in Week 6, they must make significant improvements to their draft in Week 7.Here are a few suggestions, but please remember these are only examples. I did not edit your paper or address every item that needs improvement, I only provide examples to demonstrate areas that need the most attention.* to improve paragraph structure, review the FEET model I describe in the APA Template I provided you in Week 1. Applying this information will help you create more effective, balanced paragraphs. For example, ending a paragraph with a citation usually means failing to provide a transition sentence. When a transition sentence is not provided, paragraphs are not linked together to provide an effective flow of the document.* continue to develop your ability to write clear and concise sentences by deleting unnecessary words, combining sentences, and constantly and consistently rewriting sentences.* you need to address APA Style rules including spacing, paragraph indents, and formatting the reference list.* the articles were supposed to come from peer-reviewed psychology journals. This was an important part of the assignment.Continue to improve this paper for Week 7 by using Graduate Online Writing Studio feedback, student feedback, feedback I gave you throughout this class, and carefully proofread your paper to make final revisions. Doing these things will help you create a high-quality paper. Try to do your best work! This is what I will assume after you submit your final draft.Dr. DanWeeksixLiteraturereview_Maclure1.docxAPATEMPLATE1.docxPosted: 43 minutes agoDue: 19/12/2019Budget: $20Answers 0Bids 53Mukul5078Talented WriterProf. NicholasbennetsandovaMath GuruuLilliana_SmithPaula HogJamie AckerJessica LuisWendy LewisProf.MacQueenprof avrilkim woodsCatherine Owensbrilliant answersRey writerprofessor mitchansRohanimhmd.fperfectoDr Ava_MiaassignmentgradeDr Candice_2547Terry RobertsTalentedtutorGradeSaverAngelina MaySamann060ChrisProfUltimate GEEKMiss ProfessorRESPECT WRITERhassan0906magz64Emily Michaelsarapaul2013DrNicNgaouniversity workjim clairephyllis youngUrgent TutorProff work phd Umair_ArifSaad FahimKaya Scodelariofastestwriter1Liza_JulietJenny BoomUnique TeacherDr R Judy MarkSaburBAZHARAKRAM300Unique_ProfOther questions 10ENG 3 HPI633 Discussion 2History Small PaperI have English homework ENGINEERING REPORT due 3 pm pacific time on 9/9/17Write reposne about this discussion (200words)BS Unit VI Discussion Board Question for youNot ratedapa formatting REVISIONFor this assignment, review your APA manual and watch the video below on how to properly set up a document using APA style. Create a Word document using the appropriate margins, font, and …19/12/201920psychology