Planetarium summary

Planetarium Summary When it comes to exploration of the universe, there no better and cheaper way than visiting theplanetarium. I visited the planetarium last weekend with two of my friends. Although the weather outside was rather cold, the temperatures in the planetarium demonstrated something different.
The guide was categorical to mention the planetarium as among the biggest in the world. After a quick survey, we were settled at the point where we viewed the stars. The tour guide showed us several stars that are clearly visible from the ground. We were able to distinguish between stars constellations and other heavenly bodies such a meteorites and planets. It was amazing to realize how the sky is rich in objects that cannot be seen easily.
I was able to learn that the experts use the telescopes and other instruments to view and distinguish between stars and other bodies. The approximation of distances and sizes is one criteria that they use to identify them. However, how the experts approximate distance from the earth from just looking and doing some calculations is something I did not understand. I would like to one day be able to calculate these distances and even the amount of energy that the stars transmit to the earth.
Our last stand included using the telescope view to distinguish between the constellations. Most of them were confusing in size and shapes but in the end, everything was clear, and I was ready to continue using the information to see them at night.