Policy Statements

According to the report findings&nbsp.the public and community interest and involvement in major decision making process is also very important in policy statement especially the educational policy statements. The policy statement formulation should also define various tasks to be accomplished at the end of its implementation phase. &nbsp.There are various strategies that can be used for successful implementation of policy statement and this should be properly laid down by the governing body formulating the policy statement. The various steps that the policy will take from its formulation to implementation should also be properly outlined in the policy making process. It is also important that a policy statement should consist of various aspects such as the main reason for its action plan.
This study highlights that&nbsp.the policy should also outline a number of guidelines describes the terms of employment conditions. In addition, a sound policy statement should also provide and describes the various relevant authorities regarding the institution or organization in question.&nbsp.The policy statement must also describe the goals, aims, mission, vision as well as objectives of the institution of concern.&nbsp.The policy statement can also include both long term and short term goals of the school organization.&nbsp.
This paper will provide a review on the policy statement of the educational systems in the United States.