Political Science

Introduction As the newly elected ambassador of the United s of America to the United Nations, the county that I would choose between Netherlands and France in Western Europe region as a member to the United Nations Human Rights council would be France. In selecting France as the best suited country for this position, a number of merits and demerits would be identified and assessed between the two nations. The nation that holds a grater advantage of the other in terms of human rights enforcement in its jurisdiction would be the favorite for pick.
Thesis statement
This research would be based on the fact that France is the best suited nation in comparison to Netherlands to be elected as a member to the United Nations Human Rights Council in the Western Europe region.
Research Outline
a) Abstract
In the abstract, the text will mention the main findings of the research that have been obtained from consulting various sources related to the topic of study. This will be summarized in about one page in the beginning of the paper after the project title.
b) Introduction
In the introduction, the paper will discuss a brief background of the two countries, Netherlands and France in their development of human rights structures.
c) Overview of the countries human rights records.
In this section of the paper, the historic development of human rights laws will be discussed in reference to each of these two countries to what is in application to date. The specific policies and other human rights interventions will be discussed in identifying the pros and cons of these two nations in enforcing equity in law among its people.
d) Analysis
The information that would have been gathered about the human rights positions of these two nations will then be examined in this analysis section. The merits and demerits that would have been established in enforcing human rights will be compared so that a recommendation can be justified from the information.
e) Recommendation
In this section, the country that would have made more achievement towards human rights will be chosen basing on the analysis of the merits that it holds over the other.
f) Conclusion
The conclusion will provide the grounds for proving the thesis statement made and how selection of potential countries to the United Nations Human Rights Council should be vetted.
g) References
This section will mention all the resources that have been used in righting the text which would be stated in the APA referencing format.
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