Political Science Paper

1- What is the ruling bargain in the Middle East? Explain why the structure of the rentier state has prevented political and economic development in the Middle East.2- Compare thesuccesses ofKemalism in Turkey and Islamic Revolution inIran inrealizing democratization and economic prosperity.3- How can you explain the paradox in women’s health and educational conditions on the one side and economic and political status on the other? What role does the religion play in discriminations women experience in today’s Middle East? How do the economic policies pursued by the governments impact women’s economic participation and employment opportunities?4- Compare the leadership style and political-economic achievements of Nasser, Sadat and Mubarak in Egypt.-1 page each question( no double space)-No plagiarism-Submission on Tuesday 12nd-No grammatical and orthograph errors-Coherence of ideas12/05/202015politicalscience