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Popular world music Dreamworlds 3 examines the social concepts of music videos and how they draw from, support, and shape ethnic or cultural beliefs about race, femininity, and masculinity. Jhally, (1) discloses how music videos in all musical types normalize violence and misogyny towards women. It is a media documentary that addresses the problems of our culture as a result of what is publicized and displayed on the television, precisely music videos. In numerous music videos, it can be noticed that the cameras taking pictures of women as they pose are common features in the videos. A common filming method that reveals women as a submissive thing to be observed by the men is the camera panning the uncovered body of a feminine, showing in detail, authenticating the act of men looking at women’s bodies in this style. This is because the camera angles are shot from above viewing the cleavage of a woman, females bending in front of the cameras, and the camera looking up from below which is forbidden in numerous cultures as it is similar to looking up a dress.
In addition, according to xStephhhXx, (1), numerous music videos are filled with images having shots where bodies of the females are showered with money, indicating that the women’s bodies can be controlled and bought by men. This is mostly common in the hip-hop music videos and the pornographic images in the videos form a cultural environment that inspires ferocious behavior by a number of men towards women. The images are not innocent, but the narratives they tell are firmly implicated in the power and gender relations of our culture. Knowing that the media is an influential tool that has so much power to influence how individuals behave and think in the society, and how we describe others and ourselves. Watching such music videos is not a simple thing to sit through, since music videos are a collection of numerous troubling clips displaying the extreme insolence given to women in the domain of music videos.
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