Position of Industrial Engineer in the Plant

I majored in Industrial Engineering at (name your university), class of 2014. Since high school, engineering had been my passion which explains my major. My forte in Industrial Engineering is Systems Design and Analysis and Project Management. I also took an internship at Acme Company as an Assistant Industrial Engineer and the experience provided me with valuable insight into the real world of engineering where my knowledge was used in a real-world work setting.
I am also a member of the Engineering Club in University which supplemented our expertise from knowledge from various aspect of engineering such as electrics engineering, avionics engineering making our perspective about engineering more complete. I have been a President of the club manifesting my leadership skills and ability to work with others.
Should you find interest in my qualifications, I will be more than happy to elaborate them in an interview. I can be reached at numbers 123-456-7890 and email at email@email.com.
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III. What do you know about writing a resume or a cover letter? What information is important? What’s not important?
Writing a cover letter and a resume serves as a purview of my qualification to a certain job I am applying for. It is important to highlight my qualifications that include academic preparation, experiences (if any) and internship related to the job. It would also help if to mention extracurricular activities that manifest leadership and ability to work with others. Personal information such as religious affiliation, weight, height, and ethnicity are not important and can be omitted in the resume.