Possibility of Opening a Warhammer Theme Restaurant in Moscow

Previous research, worldwide and target market specifics, the popularity of the tabletop game and future industry advice will be provided using tables, graphical representations, and questionnaires. The questionnaire will be distributed among specific individuals with knowledge of the game and will be asked several questions and their personal commentary on the game and its potential in a new niche market of restaurants.Based on the responses derived from the responders, the analyses and discussions would help to determine the scope that a Warhammer themed restaurant may have in Moscow, Russia. The conclusions would be based on the analyses as well as take cues from the literature review to recommend whether a Warhammer themed restaurant may be feasible in Moscow, Russia or not.Given the fact that Russia is not among the list of countries where Games Workshop has developed nation specific games, it is indeed a matter of great concern since the success of the restaurant is likely to be verily dependent on the popularity of the game.Theme restaurants have existed for several decades now and have found acceptance in various countries. It all started with David Tallichet and his first restaurant in 1958 which looked like French farmhouse with sandbags during WWII.