Practices to Support Work and Families

Employee gaps are inclusive of communication problems and lower standards that cause the service to not work as effectively with the different locations of the hotel. Examining and understanding the main improvements with corporate relationships to employees when there are a large number of branches is one that can begin to alter the effectiveness in communication and the overall functions and reputation that come within the hotels and corporate offices.
There is a belief that corporate offices have higher standards with training, benefits, and relationships that are associated with individuals working in hotels. This is combined with different policies and procedures that are required for diversity, inclusion, employee benefits and other areas of compensation which is given by those who function at high levels within different offices. However, the different policies and approaches with corporations are often not reflected in individual areas where hotels are located. The Hyatt hotel experiences which an individual goes into often does not have the right level of service or has a lack of communication which occurs. This is combined with the inability to meet the needs of customers that come into the hotel because of a lack of involvement in terms of management and policies that are from the corporate office, specifically because these cannot determine the problems which may arise regionally.
Examining the gap between communication and programs at a corporate level and the changes which occur with those who are working in individual hotels will begin to change the associations which are a part of the hotels. The importance is based on the ability of corporations to have an approach that is not only based on the expansion of different outlets. There is also the need to have a stronger sense of responsibility to regional outlets and the way in which these are associated with the needs of a specific corporation.