Preferred Job AreaHuman Resource Officer

After completion of my graduation, I wish to work as a ‘Human Resource Officer’. The respective field has been chosen as I have always been interested in Human Resource related activities. The task of the human resource officer is to provide advice and implement policies that relate to the effective use of the personnel within the organization. The main aim of the human resource officer is to ensure that the organization employs the right balance of the staff according to their knowledge and skills. They also need to check if the training and development opportunities are made available to the employees in order to enhance their performances.

The human resource officer needs to have a clear understanding of what the objective of the employers’ business is and they must be able to make and implement the policies that help to select, develop as well as retain the correct staff which is required to meet these objectives. There has been a change in the character of HR professionals. The nature of the work of the human resource profession varies according to the organization. However, it is likely to include working in tandem with the departments, liaising with the wide range of people that is involved in the policy areas such as staff performance, their health and safety, negotiating with the staffs and their representatives on matters related to the pay and condition, administering the payroll and the maintenance of the employee record (Prospects, 2010).

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