Prevention Human Factors

There is a lack in the security training which we have observed. The employee training for the use of systems is adequate but there is a lack in the security training which we have observed. The aspect of the psychology of the employee in this regard was overlooked. At The Company Employee training so far regarding security has been confined to six hours of lectures followed by a video and an annual guest lecture which is more of socializing than a purposeful study and evaluation.
Suggestions in this report centre around increasing the human alertness and avoiding danger in human inadvertence causing security breech. We also suggest that Emergency measures must follow the ‘buddy’ system, and confined to a few persons. Some recommendations regarding new methods of training, and installing adequate software and hardware checks are also recommended.Suggestions which are cost effective and with regard to the psychology of employees and the best practice regarding training have been outlined and detailed recommendations with the cost effectiveness is highlighted. Implementing the package will certainly improve the system security.
FedEx, the Company is a premier shipping cargo and courier service company. Its operations are vast and international. For our study of their security policy we have chosen the Company Trade Networks Services and since it depends on IT technology and networking, it involves security issues. This system is very data sensitive and requires extensive security policies to gain credit with international customers. This report confines itself to the issues related to the operative section, technology and personnel involved in this branch of operation of The Company. The Company Trade Networks is a system to solve problems in shipping goods globally. It provides international freight forwarding, export documentation, distribution, cargo insurance, and eCommerce and trade facilitation solutions. In detail, the company provides a Customs