PRG/420 Java Programming 4 LABS

(LAB 1) Mad Lib – LoopsMad Libs are activities that have a person provide various words, which are then used to complete a short story in unexpected (and hopefully funny) ways.Write a program that takes a string and integer as input, and outputs a sentence using those items as below. The program repeats until the input string is quit 0.Ex: If the input is:apples 5shoes 2quit 0the output is:Eating 5 apples a day keeps the doctor away.Eating 2 shoes a day keeps the doctor away.Note: This is a lab from a previous chapter that now requires the use of a loop.(LAB 2) Varied amount of input dataStatistics are often calculated with varying amounts of input data. Write a program that takes any number of non-negative integers as input, and outputs the average and max. A negative integer ends the input and is not included in the statistics.Ex: When the input is:15 20 0 5 -1the output is:10 20You can assume that at least one non-negative integer is input.(LAB 3) Checker for integer stringForms often allow a user to enter an integer. Write a program that takes in a string representing an integer as input, and outputs yes if every character is a digit 0-9.Ex: If the input is:1995the output is:yesEx: If the input is:42,000or1995!the output is:noHint: Use a loop and the Character.isDigit() function.(LAB 4) Remove spacesWrite a program that removes all spaces from the given input.Ex: If the input is:Hello my name is John.the output is:HellomynameisJohn.18/05/202060informationsystems