Process Analysis How ice cream is made

ENG 101-09 Process Analysis Paper Making Homemade Ice Cream Eating homemade ice cream as a child brings back a number of memories to most people. Ice cream has always been regarded as one of the best deserts one can serve at large parties and small gatherings alike, and when made at home, tastes even better with a personal touch. Most people prefer making ice cream at home to both cut down on costs as well as give the ice cream a flavor familiar to familial secrets and ingredients. In order to make homemade ice cream, there are three steps that need to be followed that pertain to choosing the flavor, mixing the ingredients together and finally freezing the mixture in order to enjoy the final product.
Choosing flavors might seem daunting at first however is regarded as one of the key essentials to making good ice cream. Most people choose the ice cream flavor depending upon the mood that they are in while preparing the same. a light mood calls for fruity flavors and heavy emotional moods call for chocolate or dark rum and raisin related flavors. Flavors can be as easy as vanilla or tough as crunchy pecan – but can be absolutely anything. There are people that have even indulged in making beer flavored ice cream! Most people even choose toppings like candies and chocolate chips or crispies and small pieces of fruit to add to the flavor of the ice cream. (How Products Are Made, n.d.)
Homemade ice cream pouches are easily available in stores and most people use them in order to mix all the ingredients together and form the mixture of the ice cream. A large bowl is taken into which the milk is first poured along with the pouch and the two are blended together. This mixture may consist of butterfat, condensed milk, cream and other additives like eggs and vanilla. Next, the fruits, candy pieces, chocolate chips or crispies are added to the bowl and mixed thoroughly so as to gain consistency. Whipped cream and essences along with fruit sodas maybe added to the mixture to obtain certain desired flavors. Once all the ingredients are combined together, the entire mixture is poured into the container into which the ice cream will be ultimately frozen and served. The mixture may be poured into small containers or shaped moulds in order to get fancy servings.
Automated freezers are easy to use and help freeze the ice cream faster. The mixture needs to be kept under check in order to make sure that the final product is firm and soft. The freezing process begins when a layer of crushed ice is added outside the container in which the ice cream is kept. Moreover, in order to enhance the process a layer of rock salt may be added. When the automated freezer turns off, the ice cream is ready.
Making homemade ice cream might be time consuming however turns out to be a very profiting affair because the flavors provide for a true treat to the senses. One can even reminisce their childhood days by eating the same. Moreover, making homemade ice cream with family and friends can also be an exercise in bonding and provide for an excellent desert after!
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