Product Introduction Examples and Their Categorization

This product has huge storage capacity and hence can store hundreds of films &amp. music videos inside the device. In the author’s view, this product is going to face incompatibility with the recorded movie &amp. music industry given that USB drives are not yet the preferred media of selling recorded films &amp. songs. Hence, this device may end up promoting piracy for end users to use it effectively (media companies do not allow copying). Western Digital will need to work out the details of how media companies will be able to sell their products compatible with this device. Currently, the on-line videos are available only through streaming facilities in sites like Cinema Now. As presented by Bhattacharya &amp. Krishnan et al. (1998. S50-S51) firms may get trapped into incorrect design of new products if the specifications are finalized without considering how the competition and related products would evolve. In an old theory Ansoff (1980. pp139) developed an empirical generalization in which it is presented that new product strategists should consider trends, impact, timing of impact, response time, urgency, threats and opportunities before finalizing the product design and launching in the market. The author feels that this product will currently be successful in regions where video piracy is prevalent thus resulting in an unethical factor to contribute to its success.
Sony Potrosacki Proizvodi Bravia TV 200 Hz High Density Television in Croatia
Sony has recently launched Potrosacki Proizvodi Bravia TV 200 Hz High Density Television in Croatia []. This device supports latest technologies like High Density picture (1080 pixels) and smoother motion flow at 200 Hz that is normally displayed at 50 Hz. From the perspective of Croatia, many channels available through wired TV connections do not support HDTV. The satellite connectivity does provide access to HDTV channels but their performance is not good in coastal areas due to heavy rains &amp. thick clouds. Hence, a large part of customer base in Croatia will not be able to differentiate the performance of this model compared to the older TV sets. Overall, it is an excellent addition to the existing product line of Sony but it would take some time for the customers at Croatia to realize the difference. Levinthal &amp. Purohit (1989. pp38-39) presented that when a company launches new products in competition with its older variants in the same product line, the consumers would compare the performance of the new product with its old variant which needs to be tangibly visible. Sony already has a huge customer base of flat LCD TVs in Croatia. Given that Sony products are very durable, it would be difficult for the organization to tangibly demonstrate the value addition of HDTV systems to the customers to motivate them to purchase them in addition to their existing TV sets.
Apple iPhone 3G introduction in Croatia
Apple has launched the improved version of iPhone that is compatible with 3G spectrum in Croatia ( This product again