Professional Humanitarian Agency

We at Humanitarian Agency value human dignity and acknowledge the right of every human to live a dignified life, without being deterred by social or economic circumstances, that all humans may realize their destiny. The Humanitarian Agency will be the most accommodative, welcoming, and friendly human services agency of our time, which will facilitate reunification and resettlement of Philadelphia foster care children back to their families indiscriminately.This agency recognizes that achieving dignity for all humans requires embracing diversity. that all children may have an opportunity to live and grow with their families themselves to the fullest, without being hindered by the socioeconomic and material status of their families. The needs of the Philadelphia foster care children and their families with dignity, respect, and compassion.The safety, privacy, and dignity of the Philadelphia foster care children and their families stand as the basis of our interaction. Economic inadequacy shall never stand in our way to offering the reunification and resettlement facilitation to the Philadelphia foster care children back to their families, without discrimination on whatever basis. The privacy and confidentiality of all the children and their families shall be observed at all times, while seeking informed consent from them before engagement in facilitating the reunification (NOHS, 2015). Therefore, this agency commits to respecting the rights of the clients to engage and disengage with the agency at any stage, and at will.Human service practitioners should recognize the vulnerability of clients in need of emotional, psychological or mental interventions, and desist from taking advantage of such vulnerabilities (Manning, 2003). Thus, the Humanitarian Agency commits to treat every client with dignity, while desisting from engaging in any activities that may cause or increase harm to the clients or exploit theirvulnerable situation.