Professional Processes in Social Work Practice

The information provided is user friendly and telephone numbers and contact address have been given for further queries. The information is available in the larger print, audio form and Braille. The information clearly conveys the messages and objectives of the organisation. The pictures used in the informational and promotional material shows the emotional bonding in the family. It has included many photographs of children of approximately age group of eight to eleven. The layout, colour scheme and pictures used are effective but still, there are areas which can be worked upon.It should include an activity chart along with some photographs of children participating. This will increase the enthusiasm and motivation of the child and parents to opt for the service. The photograph will give a rough idea about the safety measure, fun and educative environment for a child.It should also mention the age group of children, which would be served by the organisation. Various age groups of children will have varying needs. Parents might have a question of activities their child will fit into.The large picture used in it includes a picture of mother-daughter and a family with two children. The info-commercial can have a picture of children in the centre involve in activities. In any service intangibility is one factor that poses challenges for any communication process. Factors like hygiene, space, activities and safety can be done very well with pictures. Testimonials of children and parents are another way to communicate about the services received by children.One of the important factors of anti-oppressive practices is the engagement of the client.1 Client centeredness is the basis of this approach. Incorporating the above-mentioned factors the client centeredness approach will be more obvious. These will help in creating an impact that will promote client involvement.