Project Management in a Nutshell

used for planning, estimating, and controlling work activities to reach a designed result on time within the budget and according to specification. There is no single factor that makes a project successful. There is a series of successful steps, a sequence of successful steps that leads to a project towards a successful project. We will discuss these factors in detail.How often have you heard it said that planning is a waste of time? No sooner is the plan completed than someone comes along to change it. These same naysayers would also argue that the plan, once completed is disregarded and merely put on the shelf so the team can get down to doing some real work. In people management, the planning activity involves deciding on the types of people resources that will be needed to discharge the responsibilities of the department. That means identifying the types of skills needed and the number of people possessing those skills. Project planning is a basic technique of Project Management that gives us a summary of whole the project. For example how many people needed for this project, how much resources we required, how much time we need, how we can manage the time and resources? All these questions are handled in the project planning. In other words we do project planning for making getting the answers to the above questions. So project planning makes a project successful.Without proper planning a project can not achieve success. There is successful planning behind every successful project. The key to a winning project is in the planning. Forming a project plan is the first thing managers should do when taking responsibility for any kind of project. Often project planning is disregarded in for saving time. However, many people fail to recognize the significance of a project plan in saving time, money, and many problems. There are many software applications for project planning easily available in markets. We should use that software for the implementation of our planning.