Project management lifecycle and contemporary industrial relations theory

Instruction: Please be sure to write a page answering the scenarios, validate your opinions and ideas with intext citations and references in APA format.Propose a new project for the organization you work for.1. Explain the stages in the project management life-cycle.2. Analyze the importance of effective planning and control measures in each stage of the project management life cycle.Then consider that employer interactions with employees can sometimes be difficult based on the industry, organization, and prevailing societal culture. HR professionals utilize industrial relations theory to better understand these interactions and create processes to facilitate them.Discuss which contemporary industrial relations theory or theories presents the largest challenge to the compensation platform and labor costs at your organization or one with which you are familiar (or have researched).Why do these present such a challenge? What does the organization need to do to minimize the impact of those challenges?12/05/20205humanresource-management