By undertaking such a report, I would earn income and gain more experience in my field, while my client would be able to get professional guidance on how to carry out the music festival project. At the same time, other stakeholders would benefit by getting a good grasp of the role they need to play to make the project a success. This would subsequently guide them in the future and avoid the hurdles of developing a new project plan each time a new project idea is conceived and due for implementation.
The purpose of this paper has several parts. The goal is to develop the objectives, scope, and work breakdown structure for the project. develop the logic of the project to the lowest level possible and illustrate this in diagrammatic form. detail the team structure and responsibilities that are deemed appropriate for the project, including how the client structures their team to interact with the project team, and define the types of contracts that would be implemented for the various sub-contractors involved in the project.
The objective of this project is to develop a project plan for the organization for a one day music festival to be held in Greenwich Park. …
Estimation of the work to be performed
Scheduling of work packages
Manage resource availability
Create the budget
Integrate the schedule and the budget
Identify key performance indicators
Identify critical success factors
For the scope of this project, it is being undertaken for a target audience of 5,000 people. In addition to this, the plan is being developed for the musical festival to take place one month from today.
Work Breakdown Structure of the Project
The work structure is divided up into five different groups, each of the groups being composed of two team members that are responsible for the actions described herein. The six teams in the work breakdown structure are hall, musicians, finance, logistics, and safety and security.
One of the five teams is hall. Underneath hall falls renting the hall and coordinating the hall arrangement and decoration. This is a very important step as the initial appearance of the location when project attendees first walk in the door will have a lot to do with the success of the project and whether or not a favorable first impression is created. First impressions last a long time.
The second team is musicians. The work to be performed by this group includes contacting and contracting with musicians and promoting the festival. They are also responsible for contracting for ticket sales, and printing and distribution of tickets for sale.
The third team is finance. This team is responsible for drafting a budget for the festival and performing a cost benefit analysis of the festival. They are also responsible for arranging and conducting a meeting of the budget and organizing committee, and budget study and approval.
The fourth team is logistics. This team is responsible for