Protecting the Natural Environment in China Through Green Marketing

Of major concern is environmental degradation in China, which has become so severe, resulting in stark aftermaths domestically as well as internationally. Considering that this environmental degradation ensues from China’s massive production, is there anything that the government, production firms and Chinese citizens can do to alleviate this problem? China, in pursuit of little gains, has for a long time overlooked the great benefits of protecting the natural environment, which the country can easily attain by applying Environmental Management tools, particularly ‘Green Marketing’.The problem of pollution in China has shattered all precedents just as the speed and scale of her rise as an economic power are unequalled in history. According to China’s Ministry of Health, public health is reeling and due to pollution, cancer has become China’s number one death cause. Hundreds of thousands of deaths in China every year result from ambient air pollution alone. Often, Chinese cities are wrapped in a noxious grey shroud and of her five hundred and sixty million city dwellers. only one percent breathes air that the European Union deems safe. Environmental wretchedness, which some countries might regard as catastrophic can seem ordinary in China. Examples include children sickened or killed by such local pollution forms as lead poisoning, an algal red tides-swamped coastline in such a way that large ocean sections do not sustain marine life any longer in addition to industrial cities where people seldom see the sun. China is choking on her own achievement and despite her economy having posted double-digit growth rates succession, this growth emanates from a wobbling growth of heavy urbanization and industry, calling for massive energy inputs almost all of which the country obtains from coal, which is the most readily accessible and dirtiest source of energy (Kahn amp. Yardley 1).