Providing the Means of a Healthy Life to the Worlds People

The reason why it has been difficult to provide for a healthy lifestyle for most people around the world is because of corruption. There is a lot of corruption in the world which causes people to forget about the main problem, which is health. Third-world countries increasing population makes it harder for governments to focus on one major aspect which is good health and proper sanitation.

Poverty, corruption and uncontrolled population are some clear reasons for the lack of healthy life in many parts of the world. However, the notion that all is well in the First World and things are irredeemable in the Third World is an overstatement. While healthy habits and personal hygiene are better looked after in developed countries thanks to their economic stability, the fact that medical services have become extremely expensive in these countries poses a threat to common people when they are required to take prolonged treatment for their illnesses. Moreover, the after-effects of recession make it difficult for people in developed countries to buy quality food in the global market, while those in the Third World are still able to have healthy food on daily basis thanks to the local markets that don’t charge exorbitant prices for meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables. It is true that in places like India, the idea of hygiene in public places have to evolve in order to meet international standards. However, large scale pollution from industrial areas that harm the entire world comes mainly from the First World, as they move blindly towards profit. When compared to this catastrophe, a lifestyle change among common people in the Third World would be easier, with proper awareness programs. Issues of poverty can somehow be managed, but the other two problems, of corruption and population, are to be addressed more seriously, and a farsighted approach to minimize them should be the priority of governments.

Providing the means of healthy life to the world’s people is too costly. Poor decisions are made every day when it comes to feeding our families in order to avoid such an expense. Certain food is injected with so many chemicals that it no longer contains any nutritional value. This is done to create more of an abundance of a particular item and sell it for cheaper. Natural products are so much harder to come by and are more expensive. Families either can’t afford to buy these products or they lack the knowledge of what they’re really feeding their bodies.

The very fact that organic food has become more expensive than the ones injected with chemicals is a horrible indicator of the health hazards that are awaiting us. The emergence of the global market has toppled the idea of a healthy lifestyle based on nutritious food. It is a wrong idea to treat food as a mere product that meets the immediate demands of the market. It has to be taken much more seriously, as it sustains humanity. The health of people is directly linked to the well being of the world. If there are no options to make sure that the quality and nutritional value of food given to the majority of the people confirms to the demands of their overall health, human civilization will eventually crumble. Food supplements will never be an option since they have many side effects and will never compensate for real food. Better planning needs to be there, in order to make sure that organic farming and local markets are promoted, in order to create self-sustainable communities.