1. Apply critical thinking skills through inquiry by reading with a purpose to identify three physiological results that correlate with the premature aging process associated with obese children’s bodies.There are various results that will be associated with the premature aging especially if it is being observed from the obese bodies. The obese children will tend to get tired very quickly. They get tired very quickly even after performing a small activity. The fatigue aspect can only be associated with the premature aging. The other physiological result will be the dozing off each and every minute. You find that, the obese children, when they get seated or just have a rest, finally you find them asleep. This is actually witnessed with premature aging in people. The other physiological result is the number of diseases that these children do develop . A normal child who is not suffering from obesity should have low rate of developing disease. In the case of obese children, the situation is quite different and they develop some disease seen in aging people.2. Use communication skills to reflect the successful identification of three programs and one distinct strategy used by each program to address obesity in children. In your opinion, based on your lifespan knowledge taken from this class, which program appears to be the most comprehensive as evidenced by its taking the biological, social, psychological, and cognitive influences into consideration in its strategy and why is it the most comprehensive.One of the programs that are being used to address the issue of obesity in children is that program of exercises. The strategy used behind this program is that, it does not only involve the victim but also the family member are highly encouraged to take part in the program. The other program that is being used to try and solve the issue of obesity in children is to try and talk to the children on the best ways of feeding. This is the greatest cause of obesity among the children so it has to be dealt with appropriately. The strategy is to give the activities that a child should be doing instead of sitting in front of a computer the whole day. The other program that has started is measuring the BMI.  The strategy with the program is to ensure that the BMI is within the range. The most appropriate program is trying to talk on the feeding habits. It is from the feeding habits that obesity originates from. 3. Apply critical thinking and communication skills to draw three conclusions from the visual data presented in the article and use the conclusions drawn to make inferences about future projections based on the data.From the visual data presented, it is clear that, parents are contributing to obesity without their knowledge. It takes a wise parent to realize the harm he is causing to his child through the eating habit. From the visual data presented, it is also clear that, a bigger number of obesity children are taking no action. Instead of taking precautions, they leave the issue and the effects accumulate. Another conclusion is that, a good number of children with obesity, is that they are aging prematurely. This is the case for the obese children but if precautions are taken, these advance effects might not be experienced. From such conclusions, it is like, the number of children suffering from obesity will go down since the effects are being seen in the society. 4. According to the article, obesity has reached epidemic proportions among children. What responsibilities should parents have if they know their children are obese? What measures should parents take to protect their children from becoming obese? Does the government have an obligation to protect children from foods, chemicals, or ingredients that are known to be correlated with obesity? Support your position coherently and reasonably. (Civic Engagement/Analysis of Knowledge)Parents have a lot responsibility towards this issue of children suffering from obesity. One, parents have the responsibility of advising their children on eating habits. The other responsibility is to encourage their children to have exercises regularly. The other responsibility is to take actions as early as possible. The measure that parents should take include, providing the right meals to such children. Parents have should protect their children from taking foods that are fatty and will lead to such problem. The government has an obligation to protect children from this problem. This is a nationwide problem and not a family problem. Therefore, the government can take the necessary measure to ensure that, all those ingredients that contribute to obesity are prohibited. Also it has an obligation of supporting the exercises program in schools and at homes too.