Psychology qe DUE 5 13 2020

1) A client comes to you for a session to discuss his or her drinking problem. List four to five examples of things you might do to ensure his or her privacy is protected (Hint: Think HIPAA and FERPA).2) Discuss motivational interviewing and the four stages of change. Describe each stage and give an example of what a client might experience and/or how he or she might react while in each stage. How might a therapist support the client during each stage?3) Compare and contrast two to three of the treatment strategies and/or communities. (Downloads Treatment.Strategies 1-5)4) Describe a scenario using the six steps of FRAMES. Describe how each step applies to the client you are mentioning. The individual can be real or imaginary, but please do not use actual names.5) Give three to four examples of ambivalence in a client who is trying to quit drinking, smoking, or another addiction. What behaviors might the client display? What strategies can the therapist use to help deal with the ambivalence? 14/05/20208psychology