Public Relations

So I presented myself in Mr. Russell’s chamber in the nursing home. He appeared to be an amicable man of perfection and he answered all my questions with patience.
According to Mr. Russell, Mother Mary Nursing Home was very small as its former infrastructure is concerned. There were just 20 beds and 2 chambers for doctors. Today the whole scenario presents above 200 beds and 15 private chambers for the doctors. Like any other nursing home or hospital there are both outdoor and indoor facilities. People can come for personal check ups by the physicians who attend the outdoor section. On the other hand, there are also facilities for the patients who are directly admitted in the nursing home.
As a Facility Manager, it is Mr. Russell’s duty to look after whether the patients are getting all the facilities for which the authority has promised to them. He mentions some of the facilities that are unique in this nursing home and he further adds that these unique features have helped the nursing home to ensure its popularity.
First of all there is an insurance facility every patient, which is very rare in the nursing homes. The patient can apply for the insurance with a certain amount of money that has to be deposited in the nursing home bank. This also helps the patients to get facilities in case they are admitted in future. Insurances are also helpful if someone from their families is admitted there.
Mother Mary Nursing Home keeps all the tracks of the past records of the patients who are admitted here. These computerized records are very helpful to the doctors in case someone is admitted again in the future. Physicians can get all the details about the medical history of the patient and this helps in the process of diagnosis.
There is free breakfast in every morning for the patients and tea and coffee for the visitors. The nursing home authority makes it a point so that no issue regarding the hygiene of the patient can be raised. The foods are healthy and applicable for all the patients no matter what disease they are suffering from. There are also special arrangements for the patients whose conditions are more critical than the others.
All the patients are kept in separate rooms and there is no dormitory in the nursing home where privacy of the patients may get disturbed. Attendants are very regular in their job. All the rooms are cleaned up from time to time. Hygiene is in the culture of the nursing home and this is why patients are highly satisfied with the kind of services they are provided with in this organization. Politeness and cooperative nature of the attendants is focused so that the patients never feel lonely in this building. This homelike situation is the main thing which has brought success to Mother Mary Nursing Home.
When asked about the financial expenditure of the nursing home Mr. Russell clearly said that they always try that services from this organization should be within the reach of the middle class people who arrive here for treatment. Of course some of the bills may seem to be expensive to them but when someone looks back to the kind of atmosphere and extra facilities which he/she had