Publishing Industry/ Books

The market research should be done differently and it would deal directly with the consumers rather than the market as a whole. The first method involves a survey whereby the consumers will interact directly with the researchers. They would be given questionnaires that are straightforward. They would be asked if they would prefer having the e-books than the actual book.
In my opinion, another feasible research method would involve focus groups, which makes it possible for individuals to discuss the products among different groups of people. This makes it possible for the publishing company to understand the different perception of different groups. The research could as well involve personal interviews of writers and the readers. The publishers will have the creative minds of the writers who would likely be their clients in future projects. I believe that responses from individuals might not give a clear interpretation of what the individual wants. This gives a good interpretation of the consumer behavior of individuals. Finally, the research would involve field trial where some of the books that have been published will be given to the consumers.&nbsp.