Quality Management Plan



&nbsp.The manager’s responsibility is to ensure that employees do not become sick by their job. Stress makes employees sick. Besides, acts to decrease stress are affordable.&nbsp. The expense of stress to the organization can show up as an increased employee turnover, a rise in the absence of sickness, decreases job performance, increased customer complaints, and poor time management. Stress in a single employee can result in stress in employees who are compelled to function with the individual or even cover for him/her. Besides, staff members who do not consider stress as a dangerous thing can leave them open to compensation claims from employees who have been affected by work associated stress illness. Thus, stress reduction does not have to cost the organization a large sum of money. The organization can take the following steps to deal with the risk of stress: where stress caused or made worse by the job may result in ill health, the organization ought to evaluate the risk. The risk evaluation for stress entails searching for work pressures that may cause increased and long-term stress levels. It also requires choosing the individual that could be harmed by the work pressure and choosing whether the organization is doing enough to hinder such harm. If required, the organization ought to take steps to address such pressures. It must review the evaluation whenever it considers that it can no longer be correct. Besides, all employees ought to be involved in the assessment process, encompassing safety and health representatives.