Questionnaire Survey Method for Research

There are various methods of research available including statistical analysis, simulations, observations, interviews, action oriented research, case study based research etc. Depending upon the field of research, the major approaches to research methodology differs and research in social science fields rely mainly on qualitative and quantitative research. In conducting qualitative or quantitative research, various research tools are utilised and questionnaires remain a key component in survey based research activities.
Motives behind initiating a qualitative research is mainly to uncover or establish a basic understanding, knowledge or a hypothesis pertaining to a certain issue. Such research often lays the foundation for further research of quantitative nature, which can establish the validity of new knowledge generated through the qualitative research. Qualitative research differs from quantitative research on grounds of what is being researched of. “Qualitative research involves the collection of data about attitudes, beliefs and intensions” (Hall et al 2004). The objective of qualitative research is to unearth in-depth knowledge of reasons, which drives the human behavior while quantitative research on the other hand is concerned of data that can be measured. While there are numerous means of conducting qualitative research, methods such as focus groups, surveys through application of unstructured or semi structured questionnaires as well as participant observations (Wolcott 1995).
Surveys remain one of the major forms of research and the most widely used where quantitative research is concerned. “Survey research is the method of gathering data from respondents thought to be representative of some population, using an instrument composed of closed structure or open-ended questions” (Survey Research 2006). Nature of survey research allows effective and efficient data gathering from a large population and thus