Race Place and Obesity

obesity, that different racial/ethnic groups face. For a disease to be eliminated, we first need to know all the risk factors that cause its occurrence and the purpose behind this study is to investigate if community-level racial/ethnic composition is a risk factor for obesity. The results and conclusions of this study can steer future interventions in the right direction, which is to minimize these health disparities.
3- I found this literature review to be fulfilling its purpose, information about other researches conducted in the area of community-level obesity and individual-level obesity based on ethnicity/race were mentioned. The need for this study was also explained since no other research has covered the association between a communitys racial/ethnic composition, an individuals race/ethnicity and obesity.
4- This study is addressing two questions. One, whether a communitys racial/ethnic compositions association with obesity overrides characteristics of an individual? Two, if there is an association present between the two, does it differ on account of an individuals own race/ethnicity?
5- The research hypothesis being studied is the presence of a relationship between a communitys racial/ethnic composition and obesity. Since there are social norms dictating lifestyle in every ethnic group, one ethnic/racial group might be in favour of an increased body weight than the other, and whether a person of a different ethnicity living in that community would be susceptible to obesity or not.
6- If the research does result in highlighting that living in a certain racial/ethnic group puts an individual at risk for obesity regardless of his/her own characteristics, it might result in hysteria causing an exodus of people out of that community and social interventions warning against obesity at a community level, the latter being a more positive result.
7- The hypothesis is somewhat clear, that the