Rachel Santos posted May 9, 2020 8:53 PMSubscribe How might the projected changes affect an organization’s vision, mission, and values? Organizations who seek to improve, to include newly start-up businesses, should consider slightly modifying their vision, mission and values as needed. The mission and vision statements set the organization’s groundwork so any drastic changes may want to be thought out considerately. I do not believe that changes will radically affect it in any way unless management decides to strategically re-vamp the organization. If that happens, communicating it clearly to the workforce is what will drive the organization success.Is it possible for an organization to successfully operate when its vision, mission and values are ever-changing?I do believe that it is possible for an organization to successfully operate when its vision, mission, and values are continuously changing. Pearson (2014) explains the term commitment strategy which is when an organization pursues to “build up a strong commitment among employees through the commonality of interest between employers and employees”. As long as the employees and critical key players in the organization are kept in the loop of these changes, tasks, and objectives to meet and support the company’s mission, the right people and teams will adapt and refocus their energies accordingly because they too understand the importance of the business moving forward in the right direction. Will vision, mission, and values become obsolete and be replaced? If so, by what?I do not feel that vision, mission, and values will be become obsolete; however, as mentioned by Chakraverty (2018) it is critical to allow employees to make the maximum contribution and “create a vision and values that inspire, motivate, and drive the right day-to-day behaviors”. A company’s mission, vision and values would mean more if employees were empowered to critique and add their personal values to embody meaningful values that the workforce can relate to. Chakraverty, J. (2018). Company Vision and Values: Do They Still Matter? Forbes. Retrieved from https://www.forbes.com/sites/voicesfromeurope/2018/03/28/company-vision-and-values-do-they-still-matter/#251cf0a8217fPearson India. (2014, June 14). How can Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) help in modern organisational growth? [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWdovBCWTF0.