Ralph Lauren Rugby ‘s fail reasons and relaunch marketing strategy

ng up with a new market strategy for the company is to give the company a chance to re-launch and come in the market again growing at a good pace and capturing the maximum market across the globe. This will help the company to revamp and also grow in the Competitive market environment.
Polo Ralph Lauren been the parent company launched Rugby Ralph Lauren in 2004 in America as a clothing brand. The brand was launched getting inspired from the Rugby lifestyle for both male and females of age group in between 16 to 25. Rugby brand was available at 12 stores in whole of US and one in London. The brand also started its online marketing from 2008 and started its own website Rugby.com. This brand was a concept which was developed by designer Ralph Lauren. The first store location of the brand was in Boston which was opened in 2004. The biggest advantage that the brand had was its low price and attractive designs which attracted the young generation a lot from their parent brand products which were much more luxury and costlier than the brand Rugby. The company did launch the dress materials and bags in the designs with logos and photos of rugby players and also in the colours of the uniforms of the rugby teams. This brand had a line of products under its name like the polo’s, jackets, outerwear, dresses, shirts and also many other accessories for the young generation mainly. The brand also gave the option of making personalized shirts for the customers based on the patches of various designs that the company had under its list of designs.
In this report the reasons for the failure of this brand in the market is been studied based on which the marketing strategy that can be utilised for the re-launching of the brand and make it successful is been understood and analysed using various marketing theories and concepts.
The parent brand Ralph Lauren has many sub brands under its umbrella like the Polo brand, Club Monaco, Chaps, RRL and RLX brands, Black Label, Pink Pony,