Rationale for the Interest in Marketing and Love For Business

Gaining knowledge and skills in marketing will help me to understand the availability of demand for commodities and to induce demand towards sales and profitability. With competence, I shall be able to promote my businesses and to work for organizations that require marketing for competitive advantage in competitive market environments. My creativity and innovation potentials also motivate me into marketing because I believe that I have a talent that the industry requires (Majaro 195). I am therefore able to develop strategies for stimulating needs and for influencing demand towards a target product, potentials that will improve if I study marketing.

I also have a general passion for business and its economic aspects are the basis for my interest. Existence of needs creates demand that relates with supply to determine the price of products and services in a market. Understanding these relationships, together with the economic knowledge of profit margins forms a basis for income for an entrepreneur, an investor, or any other form of the businessperson and this has captured my interest in the business. I, therefore, love business because it offers a source of income through different roles that a person can play in the market for goods and services.