Ray Ban Sunglasses

It is important to bring to your notice that these designer wear prescription glasses help improve not only your vision but also ameliorate the eye strains. This is the forte of this brand as they offer Glass or polycarbonate lenses offer 100% UV protection.
Ray Ban glasses always attract the customers without a second thought. Their new strategic media campaign for Spring/Summer 2007 "NEVER HIDE," is full of thought provoking innovativeness which happens to be the brand’s benchmark. In its every form, the RAY-BAN campaign portrays regular guys and girls living their day to day lives with authenticity, with the courage to express themselves and their unique individuality, because the most fashionable thing to be is your self. Recently the company launched its campaign in New York and briefed its customers through a press release and said: "Ray-Ban has a rich history and an iconic personality that is authentic, real, bold and stylish. Ray-Ban has always created trends not followed them: authenticity and legacy mean something while flash and sparkle will come and go. But Ray-Ban is forever."(1)
It speaks of timeless nostalgia. The elegance and subtlety of its design makes it an all time collector’s item. For instance: the heavy metal Aviator series are unisex and look well proportioned on any face. Likewise the brand does not pose off cheap ritzy glasses that become dated after a while. The beauty of possessing a Ray Ban is the endorsement of its simplicity in design. Real trendsetters, real opinion leaders, real individuals believe the most fashionable thing you can be is yourself. to be authentic, real, bold and stylish. So to reclaim its rightful place as the legitimate leader of sunglasses, Ray-Ban has to only speak and act like their maverick selves.
No wonder why all stylish models and celebrities put them because these glasses epitomize class and breed. Ray-Ban has adorned thousands of famous faces in international films, helping create the myth that it is today.
To further explicate the proposition of purchasing only and only Ray Ban can be evaluated and gauged through the following review by one of its customers:
"They are the ones to rock n roll. They speak of the 70s-80s style. They are perfect for my face. I think it looks good on anyone. There is a big difference buying sunglasses in streets. You could feel the quality and comfort because they are 100% authentic ray-bans, made in Italy. So, therefore I recommend for the people to get it if you could handle this hot item!"(2)
This clearly proves that these designer wear glasses are every style conscious person’s dream wear and imply the rich aesthetic sense of its wearer as well. Their supreme quality construction, sophisticated designs, and premier features like polarized lenses and durable frames make them ideal for activities ranging from heavy duty sports to driving. Appearing in hundreds of inspiring Hollywood films and beloved by fashion fans worldwide, the name "Ray-Ban" has become an icon in eyewear. Therefore, the Company’s much coveted motto endorses its high claims and makes it the world’s undisputed top notch designer wear brand-making it a worthwhile purchase.
"Never pretend. Never be afraid. Never give up. Never Hide."