Raytheon Corporations New International Market in South Africa



When it comes to devising the most effectual security solutions, Raytheon Corporation employs all its proficiency at its disposal. Raytheon Corporation exploits all its advanced technological expertise and partnering with its experienced teammates and clients in the security field. As an integrator, Raytheon Corporation employs software solutions and equipment that are best suited to meet particular security requirements by clients. The key aspect of Raytheon Corporation’s growth can be attributed to its strong dedication to the international marketplace (Raytheon Corporation, 2014).&nbsp.With the present global economy, the risk of expanding into other nations can be high. however, South Africa may be a strategic spot in Africa owing to its transportation location and its stabilizing economy. With the South African government being the main target of this expansion, this move may also be the most favorable for Raytheon Corporation. The South African government has the full capacity to expend whatever may be required to aid in maintaining the safety of its assets. South Africa possesses a huge potential to do business with since it has a relatively stable political and economic system. Moreover, South Africa has an excellent position in the African continent. for this reason, it makes transportation by sea more cost efficient and easier.&nbsp.South Africa’s current exchange rate stands at one U.S. dollar against 10.5432 South African Rand (Oanda, 2014). The political risk in South Africa would be minor since there have been close political ties between the U. S. and South Africa since 1994. With these well-built political ties among the two countries and the multiple ambassadorial trips that are taken by both parties since 1994, the risk of immediate losses owing to politics would be little. Moreover, there is also a local U.S. embassy established in South Africa, to address various diplomatic