Reading Stories with Children

Reading Stories with Children The setting for reading the book was in a school room. I chose this setting because I thought it would assist in getting the particular child attentive. School environments are always very effective in the process of understanding the learning nature of students. I observed the listening character of the child and made many observations that made me understand their learning skills even further. One of the books chosen by the child was Cinderella.
While I was reading this book, the child was not quite interested and I took it that the fact that the book was depicting the story of the princess more did not please him and there are many times that the child lost concentration and was distracted by some simple natural events taking place while I was reading the book. The reason why I uncovered the loss of concentration is the age of the child. The child was too young to understand issues revolving around relations and love. The child was only 6 yrs old and I asked him whether he liked the book and said that it was not very interesting.
I consequently asked the kid why he had chosen the book if it was to bore him. However, the child offered me an answer that I did not expect. The child explained to me that he had chosen the book because he had heard the older sister talking about it and thought that it was appropriate to try reading it.

The other story that I read the child is called Jack and the Beanstalk. While reading this book, I found a huge change in the manner in which the child responded. As opposed to previously, the child was more interested and this is noted from the questions that he asked as I was reading (Samuels 54). I experienced the fact that initially the child was a passive listener However, in this particular story, the kid was actually asking questions almost in every page that I was reading. I asked the kid what he liked about the book and he told me that he liked Jack and that he wanted to meet the king. When I further asked why he wanted to meet the king in the book he told me that he wanted to do this because he had read in class that the king is very strong and thus why he was eager to meet him.
Another point that I noticed about the child is that he had more expectations than the ordinary 6 year old. The reason is that he expected most of the content in the book to have many cartoonist characteristics as used to the television that he was used to. The setting was critical for the kid as he understood that more serious situations in life do happen and this is more than what he was facing. Going through the life of the kid was advantageous for I got to understand the mentality of young children and the response ought to be offered to them.
The kid was so pleased with the story and the reason for this is that he had heard that there was a Giant beanstalk involved. I noticed that the kid was actually very interested in the book such that he asked me to repeat it. I enjoyed the experience in that I learnt to understand young children even better. If offered an opportunity I would like to carry out such a study again in that I would get to get different information from various children and thus learn how to cope with them. The study was very informative in general.
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