Reading Summary and Reflective Comments Form and Instructions For each assigned reading, summarize the main principles and reflect on these principles in order to make the content meaningful to you. This will ensure that you understand the reading and its relationship to current events. The reflective comments may draw on your experiences or information from other readings. You must also critique ideas in light of a biblical worldview. Approximate length of main principles summaries must be 100–125 words each and must be in paragraph form, and the reflective comments must be 150–200 words each. Submit the Reading Summary and Reflective Comments by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday in Modules/Weeks 1–7, adding the new entries each time. Student: Reading Assignment Main Principles Reflective Comments Reading Summary 1 Henderson Payne United States Constitution Reading Summary 2 Henderson Payne U.N. Charter Reading Summary 3 Henderson Payne Reading Summary 4 Henderson Payne Reading Summary 5 Henderson Payne Reading Summary 6 Payne Reading Summary 7 Payne