Ready means of fashion through which individuals can make visual statements



The essay "Ready means of fashion through which individuals can make visual statements" analyzes fashion ready means and visual identity. According to the theory of the Leisure class, some people may struggle to distinguish themselves form others. This is may be by dressing in extremely expensive clothes. Some people also go to extreme ways of looking even different through plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery (Tseëlon, 1995). Wolf infers that women have, in most cases suffered for beauty. This is by trying to portray their identities and lifestyles. According to her, women have the right to expresses themselves the way they want. Women are increasingly modifying their bodies to look different. This is by turning to plastic surgery cosmetic surgery and anti aging products in order to look perfect. Women are using their bodies as a display of identity, class and income. This got contributed mainly by the use of the body as a symbol in marketing, advertising, and in business to display a particular image. Fashion industry improves women’s lives by provides them with ways to visually express their personally and professionally (wolf, 2002). Wolf condemns the way women and represented in fashion and how they got treated by largely patriarchal societies around the world. In most cases, women like to express them as young. This leads them to using plastic surgery, diets, make up and aging prevention treatments. Aging psychologically and socially affects women in regards to fashion.